Public Sculpture in Your Community… How to Get It Done.

Don’t wait for government officials or a rich art patron to step forward to honor in sculpture an individual for your community. “Grass Roots Sculpture” is a method that Jan-Michelle has perfected when people have expressed a desire to have sculpture created for their community and public-at-large.

Jan-Michelle can guide you through the steps necessary to complete a fund raising campaign in order to pay for the cost of the sculpture. She can also show you how to collaborate with government officials in selecting a suitable site for the placement of the public sculpture. “Grass Roots Sculpture” works for both contemporary and realistic commemorative sculpture.

Interested parties should be affiliated with a non-profit organization specifically committed to working on accomplishing the goal of bringing sculpture to their community.

Please email Jan-Michelle at to begin dialogue and discussion of your community’s needs.

Vandalism to Public Sculpture

On a recent visit to see the portrait sculpture of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole in Waianae, I discovered that the bottom fishhook that rested on IZ’s chest was missing, i.e. apparently stolen. Who would do such a thing? And who would evoke such negative mana against a man who gave so much of himself to the people of Hawaii? I discovered the missing fishhook when I lifted a string of leis that draped his chest in order to inspect the condition of the bronze. At first my eyes hit a blank stare, thinking that there was something unusual about how his chest looked. It took a few seconds to realize that the fishhook was gone.

Marlene Kamakawiwo'ole touching the bottom fishhook on the commemorative sculpture of IZ on the day of the dedication. The fishhook was stolen off of the sculpture last year. [Read more…]