Friends of the 19th Amendment

Where are the Sculptures of Women?

Did you know …

There are 5,193 public sculptures installed in America. Only 394 of these are of notable women.


You can help

We are sponsoring a fundraiser to bring more visibility to powerful women in our history.

The fundraiser has two functions:

  1. Raise awareness regarding how women have been represented in public commemorative sculptures.
  2. Pay for the bronze casting and placement of my sculpture of Ellen Clark Sargent, Suffragist.

When I introduced “The Friends of the 19th Amendment” two years ago, with the goal of raising awareness about the deeds and accomplishments of women of notable deeds, I knew, as a commemorative sculptor, the effort would be charting a new course in public art in addressing the disparity between how men and women are recognized in public sculpture.

Help raise awareness that will lead to cultural growth and fair equity in the art world.  Your donation will help pay for the bronze casting of suffragist Ellen Clark Sargent who made possible the wording of the 19th Amendment to be introduced to Congress on 1878.

Your donation can help:

Clay Commemorative Portrait Sculpture of Ellen Clark Sargent, Suffragist.

Ellen lived in Nevada City, California with her husband, Aaron Sargent, Senator of California.

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Who was Ellen Clark Sargent?

Read about the Ellen Clark Sargent project in Nevada City, California.

The full Story of Ellen Clark Sargent was published in this local Nevada County article.