Colleges and Art Centers Around the Globe Offer Opportunities to Study Art and Sculpture

If you are a recent high school grad or returning to school and are thinking about going onto college to work on a BA in art, fine art or sculpture, there are many opportunities to study art in both the traditional college setting and at small colleges, institutes or art centers.

What to study in school and what to major in are important questions to thoroughly explore. It’s not uncommon for some students to major in art and not give much thought to selecting a minor in a field that they could eventually end up working in. With hard work and gut determination anyone can be successful as an artist and even make a living creating art. But why be so hard on yourself with that kind of pressure? I advise students to complete a minor in a field that they would equally enjoy.

My mother used to say to me when I was growing up to make sure I had a specific skill, like typing (ha) so that I would be employable. Well, I found learning how to type so absurd that I never did learn how to type. I still type using 2-3 fingers in a hunt and peck fashion. While my modest and rebellious typing skills or lack of grew to be ever so important, the basic message my mother gave me is a true and solid one: Be an artist, and have another skill that will pay the rent! [Read more…]